7 Simple ideas for children to make a difference in the world {with printable}

Adults, and kids alike, tend to believe that in order to be able to make a difference in the world, we must create a huge impact. On the contrary, it’s the many small acts over the years that create more impact than just a one time donation to a charity.

Why don’t we all teach our kids to make a difference in their own little ways now? Why not we teach them that many small differences throughout their lives can end up having a larger impact than one big difference?

This list is not exhaustive but it is definitely a good start: the 7 things your child can start doing to make a difference in this world.

Be a good role model

Are we supposed to expect our kids to be well behaved, kind, generous and perfect at all times? Goodness, no! High expectations almost always come at high costs. So what I mean is that we can teach our kids to know what’s right and what’s wrong. We can teach them to be mindful of their actions and to choose what they feel is right.

We could start being a good role model ourselves. Show them how to stand up for a friend, be kind to a stranger, do the right thing even when no one is watching, etc. More ideas for your child in the printable below.

Pay it forward whenever you can

It’s as simple as your child offering a friend a taste of your child’s potato chips. This little act of kindness will teach other kids that when we are kind, we make another person happy. If we can teach our kids to be mindful of the times other people were kind to them and to do the same for the next person, we would be raising a generation of kind and caring people who don’t only think about themselves but for others as well.

Be genuine

Today, people face all sorts of people. Your child will do the people around them a huge favour by being their genuine self. Everyone appreciates a genuine person. That’s because genuinity is hard to come by. A genuine person treats everyone with respect and without judgement.

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Always treat yourself well

Most of us aren’t taught to take care of ourselves. We are often taught to take care of our siblings, our parents, our friends, our grandparents, etc. But self-care is essential if we are going to matter in this world. Before we can have the energy to make a difference, we first need to make sure we have that energy and that enthusiasm. This will only be possible if we treat ourselves well. Teach your kids to treat themselves well.

Be a conscious consumer

Making a difference to the world does not necessarily only mean that we make the impact. We can be at the end of the impact and still make a difference to the world. By choosing no straws vs taking straws is already an act of making a difference. Each conscious choice equals one less straw in the landfills.

Teach your kids about unfair labour treatment, and ask them if they would want to avoid buying from companies that use child labour or treat their workers very poorly. There are so many ways you can teach your children to be a conscious consumer that can be found in the printable.

Find a problem you’re passionate about…. and fix it

Not every child can be Greta Thunberg or Malala Yousafzai, and they don’t have to be. But any child can fix one problem at a time. Are there broken parts in the neighbourhood playground that has been pissing your child off? Encourage your child to write to the local authorities with a proposal. Is the school cafeteria lacking a certain type of food that kids enjoy? Encourage your child to obtain supporters from the school before approaching the school administration with a proposal. It’s this kind of simple thing that a child does that makes a difference, and this is what helps them grow into adults that make big differences to the world.

Remain hopeful & stay inspired

A lot of adults like to compare the world today to what it was like when they were kids. Most of the time, they reminisce on something that is absent now. This indirectly makes the kids feel as if the world is becoming a worse place to live in. Instead, we should train their eyes to see the possibilities the future hold. Show them that humanity can still be salvaged, at least in their little corner of the world. Show them that the environment can still be saved. Train them to have hope, always.



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