How not to stay poor?

What a wonderful thing to see you here. You have the first thing that you need, and that is curiosity. And I believe you have the determination as well. That is the most important thing. Never lose determination when you want to achieve something, because without determination, you will give up.

You may be too young to be worried about making money, but you’re definitely big enough to understand what’s important to make your future bright. And that is why I am here to bring you in on a little secret of how not to be or stay poor. Are you ready?

Stay in school

I know. Bummer isn’t it? Here you are, looking for creative ways to get out of poverty and I’m telling you to do the most boring thing ever?!

Just hear me out for a second.

School is THE place where you can

  • ask as many questions as you want
  • learn the knowledge and skills that are absolutely necessary for when you grow up
  • make friends who will be there for you during your ups and downs in life and who can help you when you’re in need

You need school because you need a job, or at least a way to make a living.

You can’t make a living if you know nothing other than your video games.

Read, read AND read

This may be good news to some of you and bad news for some of you.

But I can assure you that when you find the right books, you will enjoy reading. So the first step is to find books that are interesting to you. Then you will begin to love reading.

How does this help you to not stay poor?

The more you read, the more you know. The more you know, the more valuable you are to yourself and others.

Be nice to people

It opens a door to a new friendship, and you will never know where that friendship will lead you.

Secondly, kindness comes back to you.

To be successful in life, we all need people around us who are willing to help make it happen.

We can’t have people around us if we are not nice to people.

So it pays to be nice =) but it has to be genuine. Because they can tell if you’re a fake.

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