5 top ways teens are wasting money

Are you ready to find out where you have been spending unnecessarily? It’s gonna hurt but like many good things, pain comes with it. Once you know where you can cut down on your expenditure, you will have more dollars to keep in your pocket.

Number ONE: Keeping up with the trends

I know, I know. Fitting in is everything for teenagers. But do you know how often trends change? Every season! That’s a lot of money to be spent on clothes, shoes and accessories. Just pick a few cool things and stick with it until it wears off or you have outgrown them. Direct your hard-earned part-time gig to your savings instead. Your future self will thank your current self for all the sacrifice.

Number TWO: Eating out & Vending Machines

It’s time you learn how to meal-prep for yourself before you head out to meet your friends. By not eating out, you save at least $6 a day (if you eat at a food court in Singapore). But teens in Singapore meet at a cafe or fast food restaurant which typically costs much more. Also, don’t give in to the temptation of slotting your coins into the vending machine just to get a drink. If you really want to drink what’s in there, look for the nearest supermarket. It’ll cost much less.

NUMBER THREE: Movies & Expensive Entertainment

Back in the days, I remember going out to the movies a lot with my friends. Looking back, it was such a waste of money. And spending money on bowling and pool tables? Why don’t you encourage your friends to have a fun day at the beach instead? It’s free of charge and you get to enjoy fresh air and the breeze!

NUMBER FOUR: (Guys) Paying for your date

I know, I know, the pressure is high. But unless you are not asking for money from your parents at all, then it’s okay for you to pay for your date. If not, please explain to your girlfriend that both of you are now taking money from parents, so it is unsuitable for you to be paying for her every time you hang out.

NUMBER FIVE: Games, Consoles & Smartphones

Did I just hit a button there? Let me tell you this: you don’t need a new smartphone, you can take your parents’ hand-me-down. Game consoles and games? Ouch, it hurts to not have what your friends have, doesn’t it? But you can own these luxuries once you start having a proper job. Trust me, you’ll still enjoy them as much as you would now.

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