Kids hands-on: Estimate the family's weekend expenditure {with printable}

Children really have no idea how much their family spend on various things both at home and out of the house. Today’s activity is for you to let your child/children estimate how much your family will be spending this weekend. You can choose either Saturday or Sunday or both. It’s really up to you.

Download this activity worksheet before you head out for the weekend!

Why is this a good activity?

  • This is a fun way to direct your child’s attention towards the amount of money that is going out of the family when you have family outings.
  • Greater awareness can positively result in practiced better judgement in choosing places to eat (food court vs restaurant), or reduce impulse spending, etc.
  • Knowing how much is being spent on weekends may influence your child to spend less on toys and other things, in the hope of helping you save money.

Tips on using the worksheet:

  • You can use these worksheets on many occasions and allow your child to see the difference in total money spent when taking the bus vs taking a taxi, when eating at a foodcourt vs dining at a restaurant, etc.
  • Help your child to calculate estimated commute cost by multiplying the number of people with individual bus fares, same goes for food, tickets, etc.
  • If there is no planned expenditure in any of the section, they can indicate $0
  • After the outing, go over the completed activity sheet and discuss with your child whether it is possible to reduce spending on the weekends, if so, how.

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