5 Steps to helping your child set effective goals {with printable}

Why do we want to help our children learn how to set effective goals? It is because it is more than just helping your child to achieve their end-goal:

  • It teaches your child the concept of intentional living
  • It lets them practice their planning skills
  • It teaches them that many good things don’t just happen
  • It let’s them see the difference between wishful thinking (no action) and goal setting (with action)
  • It helps them fulfill their potential
  • It helps boosts their confidence
  • It helps bring about feelings of satisfaction

Now that you’ve seen the valuable benefits, you might want to start introducing goal-setting to your child but you don’t know how.

Download the Goal-Setting printable to work through their goal-setting with your child.

It also helps when parents

  • encourage our kids to persist in the face of obstacles
  • celebrate their determination, small wins and effort
  • remind them why they wanted to work towards this goal in the first place
  • teach positive self-talk

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