What Is A Publicly-Listed Company?

A publicly-listed company or public company is a business that has completed an initial public offering (IPO) in one of the main stock markets.

This means that their shares can be bought and sold at the stock exchange that approved their IPO.

Who owns a publicly-listed company?
Shareholders. The more shares you own, the more percentage of the company you own.

How does a publicly-listed company raise capital?
There are 2 ways a publicly-listed company can raise capital:
1. equities
2. financing

Equities: The company sells its shares to the public at the stock exchange. The shareholders will earn when the share price increases (when the company performs well) and/or from dividends.

Financing: The company will sell a bond. In other words, publicly-listed companies can borrow money from the public. The bond holders are the lenders. They will earn from the interest payment and yield-to-maturity.

Publicly-listed companies are required to issue an annual report to their shareholders.

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