12 Online Business Ideas For Teens

What is the difference between an online business and a lemonade stand? Well, the gap in the customer reach is so huge. When you are online, you can practically reach anyone anywhere in the world that has access to the Internet. Times are changing, so do the ways our teens can make their own money. It’s no longer about mowing lawns for neighbours. Here are some very good ideas for your teens to embark on their online business journey:


Long-Term Business Ideas for Teens

The following business ideas will not give immediate returns. Much work has to be put in months, mostly years, before they can reap what they sow. This type of business is good for teens that are comfortable talking, writing and communicating with the masses. It’s also for teens that do not mind putting themselves in the limelight. Once they have a good following (at least a few thousand people), they can start earning money from sponsorship and advertisements. These business ideas do not sell products or services directly to their followers, but rather offer free entertainment but receive payment in terms of advertisement money.

It’s one for a patient teen who is not in a rush to make money to buy his x-box by the end of this year. But for a teen who has a vision for making money in the future.

1 – Product Reviewer

2 – Podcasting

3 – YouTube

4 – Blogging

Passive Income Business Ideas For Teens

What’s better than money coming into your bank account while you’re sleeping? Not many things! That’s why it is a good idea to introduce your children to the concept of passive income. It means income that is not derived from a new work created but rather from something created long ago.

5 – Society6

Is your teen a budding graphic designer or artist? Upload her work and have it turned into mugs, tote bags and earn from the design!

6 – Zazzle

This is similar to Society6, but your teen can also sell items and not only soft copies of artwork.

7 – Sell Photos Online

Does your teen love taking photos? Why not put up some of their best shots with websites like istockphoto, gettyimages, depositphotos.

8 – Be An Author

Ever heard of lulu and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)? Well, if you haven’t, it’s time to head over and check out how you can self-publish your teen’s story! If you have a writer in your house, encourage it!


Skill-based Business Ideas For Teens

9 – Movie/Video Editing

You know, there are a lot of people who would love to have a compiled video of special events like weddings, vacations, birthdays, etc. Put yourself out there and let people know that hey, there’s a video editing service available over here!

10 – Etsy

Open an Etsy shop is your teen is crafty. There’s never been a time that it was easy to sell handmade items than NOW.

11 – Fiverr

Good with photoshop and illustrator? Good in web design? Check out Fiverr and offer your services there.


And of course,

12 – Reselling/Upselling

Find something cheap on e-bay and resell it. Or find something cheap, give it a new life and upsell it. People make lots of money from doing this. Sometimes it’s all about the “story”. Give each item a story and boom, people are willing to pay more for that item.

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